July Tropical Holiday Destination

Choose the Dominican Republic for the Best Caribbean Vacation in July

July Tropical Holiday Destination

Wondering where you can find the best beaches in the Caribbean?

Look no further than the Dominican Republic. This island has some of the best beaches to visit in July that you could wish for. This is the ideal location for the Caribbean vacation of your dreams. If you are looking for a choice of beautiful beaches that are not overrun by large resorts and package vacation tourists, the Dominican Republic is without a doubt the best Caribbean island to visit in July. Largely due to the choice of local beautiful beaches it has on the north coast of the Island we recommend staying in Sosua. Not only does Sosua provide the best beach holiday destination, it also offers a luxury sea view accommodation which is the ideal spot to enjoy your Caribbean holiday. Infiniti Blu benefits from breathtaking views and is surrounded by a choice of stunning beaches.

Ready to visit the incredible Caribbean beaches close to Sosua?

Here’s a list of the five best beaches to visit in July and August around Sosua –

  1. Kite Beach – kite surfers paradise
  2. Encuentro – great waves and famous for surfing
  3. Cabarete beach – sun loungers, restaurants and bars and music by day and night
  4. Sosua beach – is a stunning bay that has it all, restaurants and bars by day, banana boats, glass- bottom boats, diving, paddle boarding, sun loungers and massages
  5. Bergantin Beach – offers one small restaurant, there are often horses and quad bike tours just passing through and small boats that will take you on a quick trip to Playa Dorada beach a little further round the coast, from this delightfully secluded oasis.

Why Vacation in the Caribbean during July and August?

These sum up some of the best places to travel to from Sosua. To thoroughly enjoy these beautiful beaches July and August are the best months of the year to visit. You get to appreciate the raw, true beauty of these wonderful places at their best, at this time. This is the optimum point to get to enjoy the environment without the interruptions of too many other holidaymakers, by being there during the quieter season.

So after reading this you no longer need to wonder where to go in the Caribbean in July. Sosua is undoubtedly one of the best vacation destinations for a quiet and relaxing stay in paradise. Find all the details on Infiniti Blu here and get in touch to request further information about one of our luxury oceanfront condos.


The Best Destination for your June Caribbean Vacation

Travel-Caribbean-June-Wondering where to go to truly unwind in June?

The wonderful islands of the Caribbean have all that you could possibly want for the ideal June vacation. They are exactly as you see in the breathtaking picture postcards, it’s all true. The white sandy beaches and picturesque palm trees with fresh coconuts. Then there are the fabulous rum cocktails too, with the classic Caribbean favorite naturally being the Piña Colada. These get served straight out of a pineapple and delivered directly to your sunbed, this actually happens! You can get all the tranquility you need to kick back and relax on the beautiful beaches. But beware that the Caribbean’s know how to party too. You don’t ever have to go very far to find some great Latino, usually very loud music to dance to until all hours.

Which Caribbean island supplies all of the above and more?

Look no further than the Dominican Republic. Watersports, beaches, restaurants and bars can all be found right here. Does this sound like your type of vacation? Combined with the wonderful climate that this part of the world has to offer, Sosua is undoubtedly the best destination for your June Caribbean Vacation.

The Best Places to Travel to the Caribbean in June

June is the peak period for wind in Cabarete a beach very close to Sosua. This time of year the waters are usually pretty calm. Which makes this the perfect time to learn a water sport, while most students are still sitting their exams. The area that is renowned for some of the best surfing in the Caribbean is Encuentro beach, right next to Sosua. This beach attracts worldwide participants to the competitions here every year. Kitesurfing is also very popular at Kite Beach in Cabarete. While Sosua’s very own stunning beach is a popular spot for paddle boarding too.

All The Ingredients for a Perfect Tropical June Vacation

Cabarete and Sosua offer a great range of international cuisine in their many restaurants. These areas have some of the best selections of beachfront bars, restaurants and clubs around the world. The amazing ambience Cabarete provides by night is hard to match. There’s a large selection of multicultural cuisine and a variety of music being played by various DJ’s and live bands, including the very talented local Dominican group of musicians that cruise this beach. They are happy to serenade you whilst you enjoy the dinner of your choice to the sounds of the waves.

The Beaches on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic

There is no shortage to choose from, the island is surrounded by soft sandy palm tree scattered beaches with beautiful turquoise sea. Visit between January to March and you might even be lucky enough to see the whales swim by during their mating season. If water sports are not your thing there are sun loungers available to rent by the day making it easy to relax. You’ll find this along most of the local coastline and the option to adventure a little further afield, off the beaten track to discover some more isolated secluded beaches too.

So what are you waiting for! Book yourself in, for your breathtaking picture postcard June vacation today. Infiniti Blu condos are the ideal affordable luxury condos for your stay. They will welcome you there and give you a comfortable stay all year round. Click the link for more information: Sosua luxury affordable accommodation

Hot September Caribbean Vacation Place

Get your tan “on” at this hot Caribbean vacation place in September

Hot September Caribbean Vacation Place

Get your tan “on” at this hot Caribbean vacation place in September

September is a great time of the year to visit the Caribbean. You can enjoy your vacation with the warmth of the tropical sun shining over countless sandy beaches. Keep reading if you want to learn about the hottest holiday getaways and the best, and safest, path to a quick tan!

What is the hottest place to visit this September?

Although the Caribbean is full of wonderful tropical destinations, one, in particular, stands out among the rest, namely, the Dominican Republic. Sosua, a little town located on the north coast of the island, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches we have come across. The tranquil sound of the ocean is the perfect complement to your mojito on the beach. If you’re looking to escape the winter this September, make sure Sosua is on your list.

Should I use sunscreen to tan? and if so, what is SPF?

Anyone absorbing the Dominican sun rays at noon should most definitely use skin protection. Since the island is located near the equator, there is a high chance of careless “taners” ending up with damaged skin. We recommend choosing your sunscreen’s SPF depending on how long you plan on staying in the sun. As a rule of thumb, 1 SPF = 1 minute of sun before needing to re-apply cream.

What should I pack for my Caribbean vacation?

Apart from sunscreen, there are a few other items we consider essential for anyone traveling to the Caribbean this September:

  • Your most colorful bathing suite
  • Some sandals
  • Mosquito spray
  • Body lotion
  • A good book for the beach
  • Your camera, so the memories last forever
  • Sunglasses
  • Your coolest hat
  • Some cash, since not all locations accept credit cards

What kind of people will you encounter on a tropical island?

Sosua, in the Dominican Republic, offers a huge variety of different types people. For one, you have the locals: friendly, warm-blooded, and generous. Don’t be shy and strike up a conversation at the grocery shop counter. Dominicans are very social and charismatic. Then you have the foreigners: adventurous, sporty, and diverse. Many foreigners from all over the world live there because of the great surfing and kite-surfing conditions. You will find people speaking all types of languages.

Are you ready to book a hot Caribbean vacation this September?

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Benefits of a Beach Holiday in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Benefits of Beach Holidays in the Dominican Republic (for the skeptical)

When staying at one of the Infiniti Blu Luxury Ocean Front Condos you have the direct benefit of having the beach right outside your doorstep. The beautiful semi-private playa Imbert is picturesque and quite tranquil which makes it ideal for a refreshing walk, a nice swim or some stand up paddleboarding. If you are a beach lover and a sun worshiper like us at Infiniti, the above of course sounds like music to your ears. However, this blog post is not about you vitamin sea lovers and perfectly bronzed gods and goddesses. This is for that person we all know who simply detests the beach and would rather spend a week or two in a concrete jungle big city or in a ski slope than running around semi-clothed surrounded by sand and water. In this guide, we will try to turn you over to the bright side by highlighting some of our favorite perks associated with a holiday in the sun.

Ice cream

Although consumption of this deliciously frozen heaven of carbs is not only limited to a beach destination you must agree that ice cream tastes way better when served in a sunny setting. There is just something magical about taking a walk on the boardwalk, stopping by an ice cream shop, taking your time picking out the perfect combination of flavors and watching the waves roll in as you devour it.


Continuing on the foodie theme, it is quite obvious that the best seafood is always found in beachy destinations where the fishermen put their daily catch on display for you in the local market, or where the shrimp or lobster on your plate in the restaurant is guaranteed to be fresh and local. On the North Coast of the Dominican Republic we are fortunate enough to have several paradise-like beaches (such as Playa Grande) within close proximity where seafood and fish is not only caught but directly prepared and grilled for you on the beach while your feet are buried in the sand and your gaze firmly focused on the horizon. Cabarete proudly hosts la Casita de Papi, an institution among visitors and locals, famous for its creamy French inspired shrimp and crayfish dishes (with secret recipes) which we recommend that you try upon your visit!


If you’re anything like the undersigned, you probably have a stack of untouched yet exciting books casually placed on your bedside table that you never seem to find the time to start reading. Somehow, however, a beach holiday and the peace and quiet that comes with it seems to set the perfect tone for a literary club of one. Nothing is more relaxing than being perfectly positioned in a lounge bed under the cooling shade of a parasol sliding through the pages of your favorite author(s). Reading on the beach also gives you the perfect excuse to avoid unwanted chats with surrounding beach vendors and pass on playing beach volley or any other beachside games you might not be in the mood for.


Some might argue that the best nightclubs, cocktail bars, and venues are found in large metropolitan cities such as Hong Kong, New York and Barcelona. We will not contradict you on that point as a city holiday will surely offer more variety when it comes to wining, dining and partying. However, there is a special magical feel to festivities in beachy towns that is hard to beat. Maybe it’s the informality of being able to jump from bar to bar wearing nothing other than a pair of shorts, a top and some flip-flops. Maybe it’s the fact that people are generally more happy, open and bubbly after a long day in the sun and thus simply more fun to be around. Maybe it’s the cheap drinks, the sweaty dancing, and the local tunes…the list can go on and on. When on the North Shore, we at Infiniti Blu encourage you to take part of the local nightlife by sipping on a cocktail or two at our neighboring cocktail hall in the Infiniti Plaza, and moving on to Cabarete (a ten-minute taxi ride away) for some salsa dancing, people watching or karaokeing.


Hosting a bonfire with a cool group of friends is one of our favorite ways to spend time on a beach holiday. Cheap, fun, and in nature this night time activity pretty much only requires someone being able to safely set up a fire (of course on a beach where this is allowed), a guitar for some group singing, marshmallows to roast on a stick, and some blankets or logs to sit on. Before technology became a common streak in daily human existence, around the fire is where our ancestors are said to have gathered to bond, socialize and share thoughts and gossip. There is something about the warmth of a fire, the smell of burnt wood and watching ashes flow in the night air that feels deeply familiar, soothing and natural. More bonfires to the people!

So there you have it, five modest suggestions from our team to you beach skeptics to convince you to cancel that weekend in Rome or Montreal and pay us at Infiniti Blu, Sosua and Cabarete a visit instead. We promise we will make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Please feel free to share your favorite parts of a beach vacation in the comments section.

Cabarete Hidden Hangouts

For some, staying at the Infiniti Blu Ocean Front Condos equals minimal effort and maximum relaxation. With spacious and comfortable spaces, inviting swimming pools, a beach bar, a semi private beach and helpful staff at your beck and call, there might be very little need to actually ever leave our residential complex. Although we always encourage our guests to rest easy and depart with their batteries recharged and with a sense of zen in body, mind and soul, there are some treats awaiting you well worth stepping out of our gates for. In this blog post we thought we would highlight some of our favorite spots to hang out to have a coffee, chat away with a friend or grab a bite to eat.

Gordito’s Fresh Mex

This place is best described as an institution among locals, expats and visitors of North Coast. Scored as one of the top places to eat in Cabarete on TripAdvisor one might think that Gorditos serves state of the art dining or interesting guide Michelin fusion cooking. Truth of the matter is that this little hole in the wall restaurant with its kitsch interior, red plastic chairs and informal setting excels in simple yet extremely appetizing and affordable Mexican food. Tasty and generous burritos, tacos, bowls and nachos in different variations are served in abundance, made with the best fresh and local produce at hand. Their attentive and friendly owner and staff go out of their way and beyond to make sure you leave full and content which makes the service well worthy of five stars. Rain or shine this place is seldom empty and is the perfect spot to experience Cabarete life up close. With a steady stream of families, surfers, tourists, yoga teachers and local business men, Gorditos truly embodies the dynamic and chill vibe this surf town is all about. Don’t miss out on the one of a kind fish taco upon your visit!

Address: Plaza Ocean Dream, Cabarete

Open: 11 AM to 8.30

Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles

A while back this gem of a place popped up in Cabarete and very quickly gained popularity among locals as well as visitors. It has now turned into a common hangout spot for breakfast, a midday treat, or an after surf/kite/beach refuel. A family owned business, Vagamundo’s simple yet authentic and quaint concept primarily offers barista styled first class coffee and waffles. On the menu, the waffles are joined by the extremely favored (and Instagram friendly) smoothie bowls which offer an explosion of color, vitamin and taste. Its indoor and outdoor seating perfectly reflects the bohemian and laid back vibe of Cabarete, combining materials and elements such as wooden pallets with colorful cushions, driftwood decorations and excessive green plants. A common spot for remote workers, Vagamundo also offers an oasis to plug in your computer for a few hours of e-mailing and multitasking in a tranquil setting. If you ever visit, the Seven Summits coffee is a must and will surely accommodate to the taste buds of the pickiest coffee connoisseur.  

Address: Calle Principal, Cabarete (in front of supermercado La Rosa)

Open: 7 AM to 5 PM

Love is in the air.

It’s Valentines day again. You know that day of the year when it it is suddenly completely in place to wrap a giant teddy bear in cellophane, give away heart shaped chocolate boxes and go overboard with red roses. Whether you believe Valentines is a cheesy commercial stunt, or the perfect opportunity to serenade and pamper your special person, it’s a day that will hardly go unnoticed. Since we at Infiniti Blu Luxury Oceanfront Condos are no strangers to spreading the love, we thought we would go all out in a blog post about three things we love about the magical island where we reside.  As they say, all good things come in threes…


No nation is complete without its people, The same goes for the Dominican Republic, which in our humble (and somewhat biased) opinion, has one of the most friendly, fun loving and charismatic inhabitants. It is extremely hard, and not recommended, to visit the island without connecting with the locals on a day to day basis. Your overall experience of the country will simply be more rewarding if you get to know a local or two. With the risk of generalizing (all countries have their bad apples), Dominicans are a very open, playfully curious and generous people, always willing to greet you with a smile, exchange some words on the street or supermarket, or lend you a hand when in need. Countless are the times when the undersigned has found herself in trouble (broken vehicle on the side of the road, wet from sudden rain, in need of a ride) and has quickly been aided by a friendly local willing to drop everything to help. Human interaction comes very easily to Dominicans and they are more than eager to share their culture with you if you are open, whether it be patiently teaching you some bachata steps, inviting you to a local meal, briefing you about their diverse history and society, or sharing a joke!


Gently close your eyes. Now let us take you on an imaginary ride. Feel the ocean breeze caressing your face, your skin lightly softened and damp by the tropical humidity. Now take a deep breath, fill your lungs with fresh, salty air and experience serenity taking over your body by each breath. Sink your feet into perfectly tempered white sand and lay back and let the embrace of the hammock smoothly rock you back and forth in repetitive yet pleasant motions while the waves crash the shore. Listen to the sound of children playing in the water, and fishermen discussing the catch of the day and the peculiar ways of the ocean, all accompanied by the approaching steps of your beach waiter ready to serve you a perfectly chilled Presidente. Are you feeling the tranquility yet? We may not have scientific proof to the calming qualities of the island, other than the ocean having a meditative and soothing effect on the human mind. Notwithstanding the above, the DR is truly a magical place where you cannot help but disconnect from the stresses of the outside world, reevaluate things and remain awestruck by nature’s wonders. Whether snorkeling on turquoise open waters, feeling the exhilarating force of a wave pushing you forward on a surf board, or enjoying a book on your terrace on a typically tepid Caribbean evening, we invite you to truly take in the sensation of serenity that this country has to offer.


The DR is not a quiet place. Its locals are known to engage in loud and enthusiastic conversations on the corner of the street, in the privacy of their homes and during public transportation in a guagua or a carro. However, the conversations often times play second fiddle to the never ending and uplifting local soundtrack of bachata, merengue, reggaeton and salsa played literally everywhere. To each his own is an expression which comes in handy while discussing Dominican music. However, we at Infiniti Blu happen to enjoy the Caribbean sounds and feel perfectly at home when surrounded by it. Although the types of music recited above can be found, in different variations in various countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, the Dominican versions have their own charming flair, with local superstars such as national legend Juan Luis Guerra and immensely popular Romeo Santos. Rhythmical, often times with passionate lyrics about love (unrequited love being a common theme), it is very hard to sit still when hearing a bachata, merengue or salsa pumping out of loud speakers in the local bar, gas station or from a moving car in traffic. More urban and rough, the reggaeton is often times listened – and danced to by younger locals and visitors.


We hope that you feel inspired and motivated to visit our precious island, and the Infiniti Blu Luxury Oceanfront condos if you have yet to do so! We would be pleased to share our love of the Dominincan Republic with you! Please feel free to inspire us and share what you love about the DR in the comments section.


Happy Valentines Day!


Dominican Cook Out

what to eat and drink on a paradise island

Owning a piece of Dominican Republic Real Estate not only means taking endless walks on the beach alongside your ocean front condo, sipping on coconut drinks and dancing the night away in a rhythmic Bachata. It also means being immersed into a new and rich gastronomical culture which in many ways reflects the island’s dynamic history, and mix of cultures and elements. The island’s indigenous inhabitants were called Tainos and lived off of sophisticated farming until colonized by the Spanish through Columbus, and blended with African slaves brought in as workforce. The Dominican kitchen will hardly shock your taste buds, no extremely spicy food or unconventional ingredients are to be found here. Instead, in the humble opinion of the undersigned gringa, it is heavy comfort food to sustain a hard days work or an active day of surfing or kiting. Curious yet? Here goes the Infiniti Blu guide to eating a lo Dominicano.

1. Mash it up and Mangu

Like your breakfast hot and heavy? This Dominican breakfast for champions is hardly for the light eater but ideal for brunch or as a post party meal. Green (not ripe) plantains are boiled and mashed while drizzled with olive oil or creamy butter. Accompanied by a range of voluntary side dishes, the most common combination being fried eggs, fried cheese and salami alongside pickled red onions. Dominicans tend to get a dreamy look on their faces when speaking of this simple yet tasty dish. Ask for it in your local corner restaurant or build up the confidence to do it yourself!

2. Patriotic perfection

One of the most common day-to-day dishes in the Dominican household is la Bandera which means flag in Spanish. Although variations are common, the basic combination is always white rice, some sort of bean stew and meat served with a side salad of avocados, onions and tomato. Our personal recommendation is starting off with a chicken based bandera to get acquainted with the flavors and working yourself up to the goat stew. Psst, prepare to fight it out for the best part of the rice which is the golden crust shaped at the bottom of the casserole called concon.

3. Drink like a boss

In a country where its hot most of the time and where a spontaneous party can suddenly erupt at the beach, street corner or even in the gas station to the beat of merengue, bachata or salsa, a local yummy beer is a must. The DR’s pride and joy is conveniently called Presidente and is brewed at the Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana. Although it tastes…well the way beer normally tastes, it is the actual ritual of casually drinking it through its distinctive bottle that the Infiniti Blu team considers infinitely Dominican and thus mandatory during your stay. Widely available in small as well as jumbo bottles in colmados (local Dominican grocery shops), bars and restaurants around the island, this should be your go to drink while on the island.

4. Savory Sancocho

This elaborate and heavy stew is normally prepared on national holidays, for festive events or family gatherings as it is rich in ingredients and takes quite some time to prepare. How about mixing up around seven (yes you heard us) different sorts of meat with some local veggies such as yuca, pumpkin and corn, adding some tasty seasoning and letting all flavors simmer together for hours before serving with rice? We are hardly surprised that the sancocho isn’t usually prepared during the work week as it would probably slow down the already unorthodox island productivity even more. Our best tip is simply to eat it, enjoy it and sleep it off!

5. Tasty tostones

Although more of a side than an actual main course, this crunchy, crusty, golden piece of deliciousness pretty much consists of deep fried plantains with a flattish texture. Can accompany most Dominican dishes as well as eaten as a snack with ketchup and mayo, or instead of your fries with the burger. Probably not the healthiest option in the (cook) book but hey at least you’re eating a vegetable (even though it happens to be drenched with oil)!

Keeping it cool

Slideshow 1

OK so you’ve purchased your dream home, an ocean front Caribbean condo from where you hear the waves crashing the shore, see the palm trees swaying in the breeze, and the sunlight flowing through your windows. What you didn’t prepare for however is that owning a Dominican Republic Real Estate exposes you to heat, and lots of it. With an overall dry climate all year around (apart from some tropical rains August to November), the amount of sunny and hot days in the Caribbean surpasses what one may be used to. As you can imagine, hydration is key! We have therefore compiled our own list of things you can eat, drink and do to make sure your body stays cool!


  1. Drink Coconut water

Coconuts grow all year around on the island and can be found in abundance on street markets and alongside the road for as cheap as USD 60 cents. Apart from its fresh and tasty flavor (best enjoyed with a straw through a hole in the coconut), it is rich in potassium and low in carbohydrates which makes it ideal for staying hydrated. Sip on one poolside or drink it before an afternoon beach run and it will surely alleviate any potential sunstroke.


  1. Keep your meals small

When it comes to eating in a tropical climate, eating small meals often is the way to go. Eating large meals makes your body create more metabolic heat to break down your food. Lucky for you, the Dominican Republic has a wide assortment of yummy and affordable fruits and veggies that can be used for sandwiches, cold soups and salads. Avocados, when in season, are both cheap and easily found, and can be enjoyed plain with some lemon, as a side dish or incorporated in a fresh smoothie. Cucumber and watermelon both contain more than 90% water and are also ideal to endure the tropical sun. How about a crisp watermelon salad in the afternoon shade of your terrace containing watermelon, sliced red onion, feta cheese, fresh mint leaves and some extra virgin olive oil – yum!


  1. Under the parasol

Although it is recommendable to stay out of direct sun between noon and 3 PM the Caribbean paradisiacal beaches with their turquoise waters and perfect white sand can be hard to resist. The pride and joy of the charming town of Sosua is the precious Sosua Beach. Offering calmer waters than neighboring Cabarete, this is the beach for a refreshing swim, snorkeling or paddle boarding. Full of beach vendors ready to prepare you a cooling drink or a typical Dominican meal, parasols are plentiful here and recommended. Stay under the shade during the hottest hours and be sure to regularly apply your sunscreen and you should be fine to enjoy the best of what the Caribbean has to offer.


  1. Freeze your sheets

Although the AC may be your primary tool to combat the heat indoors, more environmentally friendly options are available as a complement or substitute. We all know a good night’s sleep does not combine well with excessive heat. Unconventional as it may sound, this DIY trick actually works and is a piece of cake. Take out your bed sheets, seal them in a plastic bag so they don’t get wet, put them in the freezer for 30 minutes, take them out, you’re done! Once you creep into bed you will feel as though you’re in the Antarctic rather than the Caribbean.


  1. Stay in

Radical as it may sound, it is actually fully fine as an owner of a luxury real estate abroad, to simply stay in at times. Your condo will surely be equipped with a comfy couch, high speed internet and a large TV screen which creates the perfect setting for cuddling up to watch a movie or two, or chilling with a book. Don’t feel too bad about missing outdoor activities and sunshine, the Caribbean night is fresh, cool and inviting with lots of options for entertainment and leisure. Once the sun sets you can also set out to enjoy a drink or two at one of many bars and restaurants around Sosua town. Or you could go barhopping and dancing at one of the countless beach side bars offered in Cabarete.

So there you go, the perfect guide to enjoying the Dominican Republic while staying fresh, cool and hydrated, best of luck!