Power Supply


We have an independent and dedicated high power voltage line ( 12,600V ) direct to our Ocean Front development from the main energy supplier of the Dominican Republic (Edenorte), guaranteeing a minimum of 97.5% energy supply, therefore requiring a smaller emergency back-up system with less associated expense, noise and odor. The Back-up generator room is fully-insulated to prevent noise disturbance for the residents and neighbors.

Our agreement with Edenorte also helps lower the price of electricity at Infiniti Blu, and we pass this savings along to our residents. The electrical outlets at Infiniti Blu are 120 volts, the same as North America. The units also have 220 volt outlets in the kitchen and laundry areas. This is helpful to residents who prefer electrical appliances that require 220 volts.

Standard appliances in the kitchen as well the dryer use the central gas plumbing available in each unit.

We conveniently use solar panels on the roof tops to heat your water. This lowers costs and saves our environment. It would be a shame not to use this renewable source of energy that does not pollute in a country with more than 300 sunny days.

In the event of extended cloudy days, a thermostat will kick in automatically and the water will be heated by electrical power.

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