Water Treatment


At Infiniti Blu each unit benefits from our onsite EUROPEAN WATER TREATMENT FACILITY. For the safety of our residents we have installed a high quality filtration system that serves all.

The water at Infiniti Blu goes first through an OZONE FILTER to eliminate all the bacteria. Afterwards it gets washed in several filters including active carbon and resins to neutralize the odor and the taste of it. Before the water leaves for your condo it gets injected automatically with the right amount of Chlorine for your maximum security.

Finally in your condo we can install by choice a UV FILTER to achieve the best quality of pure drinking water. Once installed, you won’t need to worry when brushing teeth, showering, washing veggies or cooking, drinking your favorite beverage with ice cubes, or perhaps that middle of the night glass of water.

The treated water also helps keep maintenance costs low. Because of the existing minerals in the water, especially calcium, appliances which use water like dishwashers or washing machines get bunged up and damaged in a short time. The treated water minimizes this issue, another benefit for the Caribbean investor. And for those who enjoy bottled water, we still have the large 5 gallon bottles available for residents whenever needed. Just call our onsite office or speak with one of our onsite professionals and we will deliver it to your door. Experience the INFINITI BLU DIFFERENCE!


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