Activities in and around Sosua and Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata

The ninth largest city in the Dominican Republic and home of the famous resorts of Playa and Costa Dorada, Puerto Plata welcomes thousands of visitors yearly through its international airport and ushers them forward to Sosua and Cabarete.

Fortaleza San Felipe

Located in the center of Puerto Plata about 20 km west of Sosua, the Fortaleza San Felipe is towered on top of a hill with spectacular and panoramic views of the coastline of Puerto Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. Built in the mid 1500, and named after Spanish monarch Felipe V, the fortress was built to protect the inhabitants against pirates. An adjacent museum is available where one can view ancient weapons and other historical items for a modest fee of USD 5/person.

Amber museum and Shop

Defined by its peculiar look, many times with dead insects inside its rough orange and reddish exterior, amber is actually more of a fossilized resin than an actual stone. This precious stone, which is said to have powerful healing qualities such as clearing the mind and releasing negative energy, is on full display in the center of Puerto Plata. Hosted in a museum in a Victorian architectural style, an impressive and unique collection of this magical stone is on display. Souvenir purchases available in the adjacent shop.

Mount Isabel de Torres

Maybe not for those who suffer vertigo yet for the rest a cable car ride to the top of this mountain is recommended to enjoy spectacular views of Puerto Plata. A botanical garden is found on top where a local guide can help you explore the local flora and fauna. Cost for the cable car ride is an approximate USD 20 per person.

Ocean World Marine Aqua Park

Ocean world is an adventure park in Puerto Plata which offers beautiful pool areas, snorkeling in tropical reefs and dolphin and sea lion encounters and swims for big and small. Night time a highly entertaining musical show with local talented singers and dancers in colorful costumes and impressive choreography is showcased. A day pass ranges between USD 54-60 while a ticket to the show costs USD 45 for adults and USD 30 for children (including some beverages).

Damajuaga waterfalls

20-30 minutes away from Puerto Plata, this area which hosts an impressive 27 waterfalls, is the perfect option for the adventurous and active seeking an adrenaline rush. Equipped with a helmet and life jacket, wearing comfortable shoes you will be carefully guided through different sets of waterfalls, climbing, swimming and jumping into the inviting and fresh waters. Different price packages available depending on the number of waterfalls you wish to explore, however normally around RD 500 per person!

Snorkelling locations in Puerto Plata

About 25 minutes west of Sosua one finds:

  • Gran Ventana Beach Resort
  • Playa Dorada
  • Playa Cofresi
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