The best place for a beach vacation in October

Dominican Republic beach vacation OctoberSummer is officially over, the days are getting shorter and leaves are starting to fall. What would I give for just a few more days of sun! In order to help you with your decision on where to spend your holidays this fall. I will show you the warmest places to visit in October 2018, why it is right time to book your holiday and what you can expect from your journey.

The best tropical vacation destination in October

What could be better than tropical heat, white beaches, colorful marine life and fresh coconut water to make us forget about the inevitable winter depression we will sooner or later find ourselves in. With air temperatures between 24-29°C and water temperatures between 25-28°C all year round, the Caribbean is undoubtedly the best place to visit in October. As the peak season being generally considered from December-April, there is no better time for cheap rates and less crowded beaches.

The hurricane season officially ends on the 30th November, but strong storms are rare and usually occur only in the south to south-west. However, with over 700 islands, isles and clays in the Caribbean sea, it is hard to choose the best place for your vacation. Read on if you want to hear some arguments that might make your choice easier.

The best Caribbean islands to visit in October

The Dominican Republic is favored as the best vacation destination for several reasons. Their flourishing tourism has allowed to build a good infrastructure, so getting from A to B is just as easy as you are used to, but once in your resort you will experience the pure tranquillity of nature. Its natural diversity offers activities for all kind of tastes, but you could say that the pearl lies within the sea. Colorful marine life and consistent winds create the perfect playground for anyone that seeks adventure under, or on the water. Lucky for you, during October you will find yourself outside of the peak seasons, which are from December-April, a popular period for its cooler and less humid climate, and during mid-summer, as it aligns with the school holidays. Now, for those of you that are truly looking for the most picture-perfect beaches, let me point your attention to a little town called Sosúa. Easily accessible by from the airport by Highway, this town has created new beaches on top of dry coral using beach nourishment techniques. Additionally, being sheltered by cliffs, it has exceptionally calm waters. Perfect for diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, swimming and not to mention whale watching, which is a popular and exciting activity to do in Sosua Bay during October and November!

Ready to book your vacation?

Pack your flip-flops and your swimwear, the Caribbean awaits you! If you want to get the best deals for your tropical beach vacation, check our selection of ocean view condos.

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