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The best place for a beach vacation in October

Dominican Republic beach vacation OctoberSummer is officially over, the days are getting shorter and leaves are starting to fall. What would I give for just a few more days of sun! In order to help you with your decision on where to spend your holidays this fall. I will show you the warmest places to visit in October 2018, why it is right time to book your holiday and what you can expect from your journey.

The best tropical vacation destination in October

What could be better than tropical heat, white beaches, colorful marine life and fresh coconut water to make us forget about the inevitable winter depression we will sooner or later find ourselves in. With air temperatures between 24-29°C and water temperatures between 25-28°C all year round, the Caribbean is undoubtedly the best place to visit in October. As the peak season being generally considered from December-April, there is no better time for cheap rates and less crowded beaches.

The hurricane season officially ends on the 30th November, but strong storms are rare and usually occur only in the south to south-west. However, with over 700 islands, isles and clays in the Caribbean sea, it is hard to choose the best place for your vacation. Read on if you want to hear some arguments that might make your choice easier.

The best Caribbean islands to visit in October

The Dominican Republic is favored as the best vacation destination for several reasons. Their flourishing tourism has allowed to build a good infrastructure, so getting from A to B is just as easy as you are used to, but once in your resort you will experience the pure tranquillity of nature. Its natural diversity offers activities for all kind of tastes, but you could say that the pearl lies within the sea. Colorful marine life and consistent winds create the perfect playground for anyone that seeks adventure under, or on the water. Lucky for you, during October you will find yourself outside of the peak seasons, which are from December-April, a popular period for its cooler and less humid climate, and during mid-summer, as it aligns with the school holidays. Now, for those of you that are truly looking for the most picture-perfect beaches, let me point your attention to a little town called Sosúa. Easily accessible by from the airport by Highway, this town has created new beaches on top of dry coral using beach nourishment techniques. Additionally, being sheltered by cliffs, it has exceptionally calm waters. Perfect for diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, swimming and not to mention whale watching, which is a popular and exciting activity to do in Sosua Bay during October and November!

Ready to book your vacation?

Pack your flip-flops and your swimwear, the Caribbean awaits you! If you want to get the best deals for your tropical beach vacation, check our selection of ocean view condos.

Your Caribbean Beach Vacation in November ‘18.

Do you want to get the most out of your holidays? Do you want white sand between your toes, salt on your skin and tropical winds blowing through your hair? We will help you to plan your dream vacation to the hottest beaches in November. Keep reading if you want to know why this is the perfect time to plan your vacation, where you want to be spending your time and how.

November is the best time to visit the Caribbean Sea.

If you are planning a vacation during the winter months, the Caribbean is arguably the best place to visit. With the peak travel season starting in December and the hurricane season just ending, you will experience a more comfortable climate, less crowded beaches and better hotel deals. Not to mention the seasonal visit of marine life that visit the area during this period, such as whale sharks and giant sea turtles.

What is the best place to stay?

With as much as 700 different islands, the Caribbean Sea houses countless beautiful beaches and dream locations. However, due to its proximity to the USA, the Dominican Republic is one the hot spots in the Caribbean. With cheap flights and accommodation it attracts visitors with all kinds of budgets and tastes. One beach destination that stand out from the rest is Sosúa. Easily accessible from Gregorio Luperón International Airport via Highway 5, this little beach town has everything travelers can hope for, from crystal clear water with colourful coral reefs to white beaches with coconut palm trees. But, if laying in the shade with a fresh piña colada is not thrilling enough for you, the next section will walk you through all the activities this hot beach destination has on offer.

What activities are waiting for you?

After mentioning the pristine water conditions, it becomes obvious that water sport is the center of all activities. If you are planning your trip in November, you might be in for a very special treat, as November is whale shark season. Swimming, snorkeling or diving with one of these gentle giants could easily turn out to be one of the most breathtaking moments you will ever experience. But not everything worth investigating lies underneath the surface. Constant winds and consistent swells almost guarantees daily surf, kite or windsurf sessions. Then, if you find yourself needing a break from sandy toes and salty hair, numerous hiking tracks give you the chance visit beautiful waterfalls and natural pools. And if by the end of the day you still have the energy to put on your most colorful Hawaiian shirt, a big community of expats has established a flourishing international nightlife scene.

Are you ready to book your beach vacation in November?

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Choose the Dominican Republic for the Best Caribbean Vacation in July

July Tropical Holiday Destination

Wondering where you can find the best beaches in the Caribbean?

Look no further than the Dominican Republic. This island has some of the best beaches to visit in July that you could wish for. This is the ideal location for the Caribbean vacation of your dreams. If you are looking for a choice of beautiful beaches that are not overrun by large resorts and package vacation tourists, the Dominican Republic is without a doubt the best Caribbean island to visit in July. Largely due to the choice of local beautiful beaches it has on the north coast of the Island we recommend staying in Sosua. Not only does Sosua provide the best beach holiday destination, it also offers a luxury sea view accommodation which is the ideal spot to enjoy your Caribbean holiday. Infiniti Blu benefits from breathtaking views and is surrounded by a choice of stunning beaches.

Ready to visit the incredible Caribbean beaches close to Sosua?

Here’s a list of the five best beaches to visit in July and August around Sosua –

  1. Kite Beach – kite surfers paradise
  2. Encuentro – great waves and famous for surfing
  3. Cabarete beach – sun loungers, restaurants and bars and music by day and night
  4. Sosua beach – is a stunning bay that has it all, restaurants and bars by day, banana boats, glass- bottom boats, diving, paddle boarding, sun loungers and massages
  5. Bergantin Beach – offers one small restaurant, there are often horses and quad bike tours just passing through and small boats that will take you on a quick trip to Playa Dorada beach a little further round the coast, from this delightfully secluded oasis.

Why Vacation in the Caribbean during July and August?

These sum up some of the best places to travel to from Sosua. To thoroughly enjoy these beautiful beaches July and August are the best months of the year to visit. You get to appreciate the raw, true beauty of these wonderful places at their best, at this time. This is the optimum point to get to enjoy the environment without the interruptions of too many other holidaymakers, by being there during the quieter season.

So after reading this you no longer need to wonder where to go in the Caribbean in July. Sosua is undoubtedly one of the best vacation destinations for a quiet and relaxing stay in paradise. Find all the details on Infiniti Blu here and get in touch to request further information about one of our luxury oceanfront condos.

The Best Destination for your June Caribbean Vacation

Travel-Caribbean-June-Wondering where to go to truly unwind in June?

The wonderful islands of the Caribbean have all that you could possibly want for the ideal June vacation. They are exactly as you see in the breathtaking picture postcards, it’s all true. The white sandy beaches and picturesque palm trees with fresh coconuts. Then there are the fabulous rum cocktails too, with the classic Caribbean favorite naturally being the Piña Colada. These get served straight out of a pineapple and delivered directly to your sunbed, this actually happens! You can get all the tranquility you need to kick back and relax on the beautiful beaches. But beware that the Caribbean’s know how to party too. You don’t ever have to go very far to find some great Latino, usually very loud music to dance to until all hours.

Which Caribbean island supplies all of the above and more?

Look no further than the Dominican Republic. Watersports, beaches, restaurants and bars can all be found right here. Does this sound like your type of vacation? Combined with the wonderful climate that this part of the world has to offer, Sosua is undoubtedly the best destination for your June Caribbean Vacation.

The Best Places to Travel to the Caribbean in June

June is the peak period for wind in Cabarete a beach very close to Sosua. This time of year the waters are usually pretty calm. Which makes this the perfect time to learn a water sport, while most students are still sitting their exams. The area that is renowned for some of the best surfing in the Caribbean is Encuentro beach, right next to Sosua. This beach attracts worldwide participants to the competitions here every year. Kitesurfing is also very popular at Kite Beach in Cabarete. While Sosua’s very own stunning beach is a popular spot for paddle boarding too.

All The Ingredients for a Perfect Tropical June Vacation

Cabarete and Sosua offer a great range of international cuisine in their many restaurants. These areas have some of the best selections of beachfront bars, restaurants and clubs around the world. The amazing ambience Cabarete provides by night is hard to match. There’s a large selection of multicultural cuisine and a variety of music being played by various DJ’s and live bands, including the very talented local Dominican group of musicians that cruise this beach. They are happy to serenade you whilst you enjoy the dinner of your choice to the sounds of the waves.

The Beaches on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic

There is no shortage to choose from, the island is surrounded by soft sandy palm tree scattered beaches with beautiful turquoise sea. Visit between January to March and you might even be lucky enough to see the whales swim by during their mating season. If water sports are not your thing there are sun loungers available to rent by the day making it easy to relax. You’ll find this along most of the local coastline and the option to adventure a little further afield, off the beaten track to discover some more isolated secluded beaches too.

So what are you waiting for! Book yourself in, for your breathtaking picture postcard June vacation today. Infiniti Blu condos are the ideal affordable luxury condos for your stay. They will welcome you there and give you a comfortable stay all year round. Click the link for more information: Sosua luxury affordable accommodation

Get your tan “on” at this hot Caribbean vacation place in September

Hot September Caribbean Vacation Place

September is a great time of the year to visit the Caribbean. You can enjoy your vacation with the warmth of the tropical sun shining over countless sandy beaches. Keep reading if you want to learn about the hottest holiday getaways and the best, and safest, path to a quick tan!

What is the hottest place to visit this September?

Although the Caribbean is full of wonderful tropical destinations, one, in particular, stands out among the rest, namely, the Dominican Republic. Sosua, a little town located on the north coast of the island, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches we have come across. The tranquil sound of the ocean is the perfect complement to your mojito on the beach. If you’re looking to escape the winter this September, make sure Sosua is on your list.

Should I use sunscreen to tan? and if so, what is SPF?

Anyone absorbing the Dominican sun rays at noon should most definitely use skin protection. Since the island is located near the equator, there is a high chance of careless “taners” ending up with damaged skin. We recommend choosing your sunscreen’s SPF depending on how long you plan on staying in the sun. As a rule of thumb, 1 SPF = 1 minute of sun before needing to re-apply cream.

What should I pack for my Caribbean vacation?

Apart from sunscreen, there are a few other items we consider essential for anyone traveling to the Caribbean this September:

  • Your most colorful bathing suite
  • Some sandals
  • Mosquito spray
  • Body lotion
  • A good book for the beach
  • Your camera, so the memories last forever
  • Sunglasses
  • Your coolest hat
  • Some cash, since not all locations accept credit cards

What kind of people will you encounter on a tropical island?

Sosua, in the Dominican Republic, offers a huge variety of different types people. For one, you have the locals: friendly, warm-blooded, and generous. Don’t be shy and strike up a conversation at the grocery shop counter. Dominicans are very social and charismatic. Then you have the foreigners: adventurous, sporty, and diverse. Many foreigners from all over the world live there because of the great surfing and kite-surfing conditions. You will find people speaking all types of languages.

Are you ready to book a hot Caribbean vacation this September?

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