Benefits of a Beach Holiday in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Benefits of Beach Holidays in the Dominican Republic (for the skeptical)

When staying at one of the Infiniti Blu Luxury Ocean Front Condos you have the direct benefit of having the Ocean right outside your doorstep; beautiful and picturesque with its quite and tranquil waters makes it ideal for snorkeling, a nice swim or some stand up paddleboarding. If you are an ocean lover and a sun worshiper like us at Infiniti, the above of course sounds like music to your ears. However, this blog post is not about you vitamin sea lovers and perfectly bronzed gods and goddesses. This is for that person we all know who simply detests the beach and would rather spend a week or two in a concrete jungle big city or in a ski slope than running around semi-clothed surrounded by sand and water. In this guide, we will try to turn you over to the bright side by highlighting some of our favorite perks associated with a holiday in the sun.

Ice cream

Although consumption of this deliciously frozen heaven of carbs is not only limited to a beach destination you must agree that ice cream tastes way better when served in a sunny setting. There is just something magical about taking a walk on the boardwalk, stopping by an ice cream shop, taking your time picking out the perfect combination of flavors and watching the waves roll in as you devour it.


Continuing on the foodie theme, it is quite obvious that the best seafood is always found in beachy destinations where the fishermen put their daily catch on display for you in the local market, or where the shrimp or lobster on your plate in the restaurant is guaranteed to be fresh and local. On the North Coast of the Dominican Republic we are fortunate enough to have several paradise-like beaches (such as Playa Grande) within close proximity where seafood and fish is not only caught but directly prepared and grilled for you on the beach while your feet are buried in the sand and your gaze firmly focused on the horizon. Cabarete proudly hosts la Casita de Papi, an institution among visitors and locals, famous for its creamy French inspired shrimp and crayfish dishes (with secret recipes) which we recommend that you try upon your visit!


If you’re anything like the undersigned, you probably have a stack of untouched yet exciting books casually placed on your bedside table that you never seem to find the time to start reading. Somehow, however, a beach holiday and the peace and quiet that comes with it seems to set the perfect tone for a literary club of one. Nothing is more relaxing than being perfectly positioned in a lounge bed under the cooling shade of a parasol sliding through the pages of your favorite author(s). Reading on the beach also gives you the perfect excuse to avoid unwanted chats with surrounding beach vendors and pass on playing beach volley or any other beachside games you might not be in the mood for.


Some might argue that the best nightclubs, cocktail bars, and venues are found in large metropolitan cities such as Hong Kong, New York and Barcelona. We will not contradict you on that point as a city holiday will surely offer more variety when it comes to wining, dining and partying. However, there is a special magical feel to festivities in beachy towns that is hard to beat. Maybe it’s the informality of being able to jump from bar to bar wearing nothing other than a pair of shorts, a top and some flip-flops. Maybe it’s the fact that people are generally more happy, open and bubbly after a long day in the sun and thus simply more fun to be around. Maybe it’s the cheap drinks, the sweaty dancing, and the local tunes…the list can go on and on. When on the North Shore, we at Infiniti Blu encourage you to take part of the local nightlife by sipping on a cocktail or two at our neighboring cocktail hall in the Infiniti Plaza, and moving on to Cabarete (a ten-minute taxi ride away) for some salsa dancing, people watching or karaokeing.


Hosting a bonfire with a cool group of friends is one of our favorite ways to spend time on a beach holiday. Cheap, fun, and in nature this night time activity pretty much only requires someone being able to safely set up a fire (of course on a beach where this is allowed), a guitar for some group singing, marshmallows to roast on a stick, and some blankets or logs to sit on. Before technology became a common streak in daily human existence, around the fire is where our ancestors are said to have gathered to bond, socialize and share thoughts and gossip. There is something about the warmth of a fire, the smell of burnt wood and watching ashes flow in the night air that feels deeply familiar, soothing and natural. More bonfires to the people!

So there you have it, five modest suggestions from our team to you beach skeptics to convince you to cancel that weekend in Rome or Montreal and pay us at Infiniti Blu, Sosua and Cabarete a visit instead. We promise we will make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Please feel free to share your favorite parts of a beach vacation in the comments section.

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