Love is in the air.

It’s Valentines day again. You know that day of the year when it it is suddenly completely in place to wrap a giant teddy bear in cellophane, give away heart shaped chocolate boxes and go overboard with red roses. Whether you believe Valentines is a cheesy commercial stunt, or the perfect opportunity to serenade and pamper your special person, it’s a day that will hardly go unnoticed. Since we at Infiniti Blu Luxury Oceanfront Condos are no strangers to spreading the love, we thought we would go all out in a blog post about three things we love about the magical island where we reside.  As they say, all good things come in threes…


No nation is complete without its people, The same goes for the Dominican Republic, which in our humble (and somewhat biased) opinion, has one of the most friendly, fun loving and charismatic inhabitants. It is extremely hard, and not recommended, to visit the island without connecting with the locals on a day to day basis. Your overall experience of the country will simply be more rewarding if you get to know a local or two. With the risk of generalizing (all countries have their bad apples), Dominicans are a very open, playfully curious and generous people, always willing to greet you with a smile, exchange some words on the street or supermarket, or lend you a hand when in need. Countless are the times when the undersigned has found herself in trouble (broken vehicle on the side of the road, wet from sudden rain, in need of a ride) and has quickly been aided by a friendly local willing to drop everything to help. Human interaction comes very easily to Dominicans and they are more than eager to share their culture with you if you are open, whether it be patiently teaching you some bachata steps, inviting you to a local meal, briefing you about their diverse history and society, or sharing a joke!


Gently close your eyes. Now let us take you on an imaginary ride. Feel the ocean breeze caressing your face, your skin lightly softened and damp by the tropical humidity. Now take a deep breath, fill your lungs with fresh, salty air and experience serenity taking over your body by each breath. Sink your feet into perfectly tempered white sand and lay back and let the embrace of the hammock smoothly rock you back and forth in repetitive yet pleasant motions while the waves crash the shore. Listen to the sound of children playing in the water, and fishermen discussing the catch of the day and the peculiar ways of the ocean, all accompanied by the approaching steps of your beach waiter ready to serve you a perfectly chilled Presidente. Are you feeling the tranquility yet? We may not have scientific proof to the calming qualities of the island, other than the ocean having a meditative and soothing effect on the human mind. Notwithstanding the above, the DR is truly a magical place where you cannot help but disconnect from the stresses of the outside world, reevaluate things and remain awestruck by nature’s wonders. Whether snorkeling on turquoise open waters, feeling the exhilarating force of a wave pushing you forward on a surf board, or enjoying a book on your terrace on a typically tepid Caribbean evening, we invite you to truly take in the sensation of serenity that this country has to offer.


The DR is not a quiet place. Its locals are known to engage in loud and enthusiastic conversations on the corner of the street, in the privacy of their homes and during public transportation in a guagua or a carro. However, the conversations often times play second fiddle to the never ending and uplifting local soundtrack of bachata, merengue, reggaeton and salsa played literally everywhere. To each his own is an expression which comes in handy while discussing Dominican music. However, we at Infiniti Blu happen to enjoy the Caribbean sounds and feel perfectly at home when surrounded by it. Although the types of music recited above can be found, in different variations in various countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, the Dominican versions have their own charming flair, with local superstars such as national legend Juan Luis Guerra and immensely popular Romeo Santos. Rhythmical, often times with passionate lyrics about love (unrequited love being a common theme), it is very hard to sit still when hearing a bachata, merengue or salsa pumping out of loud speakers in the local bar, gas station or from a moving car in traffic. More urban and rough, the reggaeton is often times listened – and danced to by younger locals and visitors.


We hope that you feel inspired and motivated to visit our precious island, and the Infiniti Blu Luxury Oceanfront condos if you have yet to do so! We would be pleased to share our love of the Dominincan Republic with you! Please feel free to inspire us and share what you love about the DR in the comments section.


Happy Valentines Day!


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