Power Supply


Power Supply




To ensure that our foreign visitors enjoy the high standard of power they are accustomed to, Infiniti Blu has a special agreement with the largest energy supplier of the Dominican Republic – Edenorte. An independent, dedicated high power voltage line of 12,600V runs directly to our premises, guaranteeing a minimum of 97.5% energy supply at all times. This set up, including a fully insulated back-up generator room, creates less associated expenses, noise and odors. Moreover, our good relations with the energy supplier lowers the overall electricity price at Infiniti Blu which benefits our residents.

Our electrical outlets are 120 volts (same as North America). For your commodity, kitchen and laundry areas in our units have 220 volt outlets. Standard appliances in the kitchen as well as dryer use the central gas plumbing available in each unit.




We care about the environment! We therefore use solar panels placed on the roof tops to heat your water. In a country with more than 300 sunny days per year we are happy to use this renewable source of energy while drastically decreasing pollution and costs.

In the event of extended cloudy days, a thermostat will automatically kick in to heat your water by electrical power.


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