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Endless Summer in the Caribbean

If you’ve read or heard anything about the Caribbean, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten the idea the summer really never quits. The Dominican Republic offers ideal weather all year long. It’s like warm to warmer to hot back to warm with wonderful breezes. Combine that with lush vegetation and everywhere you look resembles a classic painting you’ve either seen somewhere or a photograph you want to take.


Summer Activities in the North Shore

One of the many activities our visitors like to do is snorkeling. And, you don’t have to swim too far to see many species of fish. They’re just a short walk from your condo to the ocean and you can swim around for hours and when you’re done just relax next to the Infinity pool eating your friend back home about the experience.

There are many other activities such as deep sea fishing, off-road motorcycling, buggy rides, surfing, parasailing, horseback riding and so much more.

We’re also walking distance to Dominican style restaurants which are famous for delicious Caribbean food. Don’t forget to ask about a Dominican delicacy, Sancocho.

Every day ends with a beautiful sunset which most of our guests like to photograph.

Here’s to another wonderful endless summer in the Caribbean.



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