Water Treatment



Each unit at Infiniti Blu enjoys water filtered through our high quality onsite European Water Treatment System. This enables you access to 100% clean water.

As a first step, our water runs through an ozone filter that eliminates all bacteria. In a second step the water gets washed in various filters including active carbon and resins that neutralize any odor or taste. Finally, the water automatically receives injections with a suitable amount of chlorine before it reaches your home.

Upon your request, we can install a UV Filter in your unit to provide high quality pure drinking water straight out of the tab. Once installed, brushing teeth, showering, washing veggies or prepping ice cubes will be done with a fresh and cleanliness guarantee. Please keep in mind that kitchen appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines run more smoothly and cost friendly with a UV filter as damaging minerals such as calcium are filtered out.

For those who opt out of a UV filter we happily provide large five gallon bottles of drinking water to your door step.

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